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The Durham Friends website began in 2002 as a group e-mail among a few close friends who had attended Oyster River school system in Durham, NH. The group e-mail was created on Yahoogroups and served as a way for these close friends to communicate together in one place.

Frustrated by the advertising and other problems that are associated with a large corporate group e-mail system and a budding interest in web design by the founder of the group, the idea to build our own website was born.

Once the idea to build the web site was formed, the next question was, "What content would be compelling enough to build a website around?"

While the initial group e-mail members were looking for other classmates and friends to join the group, we became aware of those of our classmates that were no longer with us anymore. This finding gave way to the idea that the site could host a memorial to those that passed away, so we could remember them and honor them by never forgetting who they were and what they meant to us.

The website has two parts.

The first part is the Guest part, where you are now. We have the memorial page and information about joining the website as a member.

The second part is for members only. This is a private place where we can share photos and other content with each other in a password protected area.

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